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If you are a diehard fan of gothic and ancient warrior’s war games like Dungeon Hunter series and looking for any game similar to it than Eternity warrior’s series is just perfect game for you. This game is little simpler as compared to dungeon hunter as compared to character building and gear selection. Eternity warrior’s series is a perfect game from an action/RPG genre gamming maniac.

Players can communicate via chat, battle with bosses, participate in tournaments and many more in one of the best android games with tremendously amazing graphics. One of the main attraction of this game is Eternity Warriors 3 which is also available for PC user’s.

The shadow of Lord of Hell looms large on the kingdom of Uder as the last of the slayed dragons has unleashed the horrible spell on the kingdom and unlocked the Holly Eternity Sword.eternity game for PC

The demons are spread across various kingdoms and uder is one of the kingdom too. Northern Uder now needs a hero.There are three main heroes in the game. All you need to do is select one of them and then select the mission and start fighting with the evil and monsters.

There are almost endless monsters who got different special power-ups so you also need to have them. You need to upgrade the character/hero to their next level so that they are always having latest possible power-ups to defeat or descend the evil demons. If you are the chosen one then you have three avatars to descend on the field – agile monk, devastating mage and the rugged warrior.

To defeat the Lord of hell you can make alliances with other players, have conversation with them in real time as well as inspect their battle equipments. Various abilities and skills are waiting to be unlocked or we can say waiting to be adopted tobe used against the enemies. With stunning graphics, fast combat, realistically animated characters, fluid controls and thousands of items to look, this game is a popular action game on the android user’s platform.

eternity 2


1) Game offer’s three main Gothic and Ancient warrior’s to descend the evil demons.

2) A very vastly developed destructive stages to blow your mind.

3) Various power-ups in order to attain maximum power to descend the various demons which are introduced in the game.

4) Bosses with a greater level of power-ups to compete with the Gothic hero’s.

5) Real time conversation with the player’s in order to maximize the gamming experience for the gamming maniacs.

6) Online mode – In order to compete with your friends or to play in a multiplayer mode.


I hope you’re ready to play this game on your computer now so you need to follow the three simple sets of instructions on your computer now. If you get error during the installation of required software then you need to retry with the installation again but after updating the graphics drivers of your computer first. Then you can follow the instructions again and you won’t find any trouble.

Get first BlueStacks software downloaded and installed on your Windows 7/8 computer. You can get this genuine and popular software for free over here. Start BlueStacks software using its desktop shortcut and then use its search tool to find ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 Android game. The search tool is right there at top-right corner.
As you found the game in the search results over there then start the installation for free Download of Eternity Warriors in PC. Do let us know from you, if any queries are there. Share here on IMO for PC.

Eternity Warriors For PC Free Download
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